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"Winter Canvas"--MacRaven

Winter Canvas

Expect some sweet sounds from the duo “MacRaven” as award-winning composer and pianist Roger MacNaughton teams up with symphony cellist Steven VanRavenswaay on the piano/cello CD, “Winter Canvas.”

“The all-instrumental CD features a mix of Christmas favorites and originals arranged by MacNaughton whose blending of the piano and cello is seamless.  Tracks of special note include the English ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ and the MacNaughton original ‘Christmas Eve.’  The arrangements of ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Silent Night’ are well-executed with MacNaughton and VanRavenswaay having an opportunity to shine.  In fact they shine brightly on all of the songs, playing well into each others talents, with the result making this CD a nice addition to any holiday collection.”

Joanne N. Bailey, Editor
On-The-Town Magazine

Fans of the solo piano disc, “Cold-Hearted Orb,” will likely find much to enjoy in “Winter Canvas.”  MacNaughton writes from the heart.

Hear "Winter Canvas" on Spotify.

"Michigan Morn" - Roger MacNaughton & Friends

Michigan Morn CD Cover

Michigan is a beautiful state! The songs were inspired by and pay tribute to Michigan's natural wonders.


1   Grand Traverse Bay (Whistle Down the Wind)

2   Harper Lake Hymn

3   Deep In the Manistee (Enchanted Forest)

4   Michigan Morn

5   Sleeping Bear (Dune Song)

6   Point Betsie Light

7   Charlevoix Keepsake

8   Rain Squall

9   Huron Winter

10   Summer Break (Sailing White Lake)

11   Ghosts of Presque Isle

12   Petoskey Stones

Musicians are:
Susan Belliel - violin
Eddie Eicher - percussion
Charlie Hoats - bass
Carlos Melendez - guitar
Roger MacNaughton - piano

Great players all...hope you enjoy.

Hear "Michigan Morn" on Spotify.

"The Heart Does Not Forget" - MacRaven

The Heart Does Not Forget Cover mid

Emotion runs deep in the second MacRaven release, “The Heart Does Not Forget.”  Roger MacNaughton (piano) and Steve VanRavenswaay (cello) present instrumental gems sure to transport the listener to another world.


“Even more compelling and harmonious in the interplay between cello and piano, MacRaven returns with a tender recording filled with instrumental grace.  This musical fusion stands head and shoulders above most New Age fare.”   

John Sinkevics – Grand Rapids Press

Listen to "The Heart Does Not Forget" on Spotify.

"Secret Places" Roger MacNaughton, solo piano

Secret Places

Secret Places.

We all have them.

…Places in the soul that reflect our moods and passions.

…Places where we escape harshness – replenish energy.

Eleven solo piano compositions bring peace and clarity to a cluttered world. Melodic, romantic, serene, haunting, and passionate… Take your own journey to uncluttered Secret Places.

Online @ iTunes
Buy "Secret Places" at

"Cold-Hearted Orb" Roger MacNaughton - Piano

Cold-Hearted Orb

Describing music’s effects, Jan Sheehan notes in November 2005 Family Circle Magazine, “Perhaps nothing makes us feel crazed as quickly as noise pollution. Listening to music can lower pulse, blood pressure and muscle tension.” With “Cold-Hearted Orb,” Roger MacNaughton invites the listener to relax to piano solos crafted in soothing hues and performed with sensitive artistry. Inspired by life, these 14 pieces add a soundtrack to the mind’s pictures.

Listen to "Cold-Hearted Orb" on Spotify.

"Crosstown"--MacNaughton Boulevard (Blues/Jazz)

CrosstownJazz meets Blues meets Contemporary. This CD of all-original tunes takes full advantage of first-rate ensemble playing by the popular quartet “MacNaughton Boulevard.” On fretless bass, Charlie Hoats is proud to have played or recorded with the likes of Marcus Roberts and Michael Brecker. Steve Anzivino adds rhythmic support with drum-set prowess and hand percussion techniques and Carlos Melendez speaks fluent “guitar” having performed around the globe with Jose Feliciano, Sonny Fortune, Herbie Mann, The Drifters, David Sanchez, Eddie Gomez, and Artie Webb. Award-winning composer, Roger MacNaughton, rounds out the group on piano. Inspired by “Degage – a shelter providing a safe alternative to the streets,” the 12 instrumentals reflect a bluesy “urban” twist to the MacNaughton new-age, contemporary piano style.